Fly Bra Bra Review, review and price of the invisible bra

Have you always dreamed of an invisible bra to wear with any kind of dress and neckline? Do you want to get a beautiful push up effect without hooks or suspenders? From today your dream becomes reality with Fly Bra, the new bra that is there but you can't see!

Fly Bra is the invisible adjustable bra that you were waiting for, an extraordinary invention that can fulfill any female desire. Thanks to the laces between the cups you can choose to create a sensual dimple between the breasts or the classic "push up" effect.

It's so comfortable that you can wear it every day and every occasion. Even keeping it on for many hours or the whole day is not a problem: Fly Bra is in fact light, soft and comfortable, without annoying braces or hooks.

Suspension braces and hooks can be very annoying, causing irritation and redness. With the Fly Bra bra you'll be able to say goodbye to all these annoyances and you'll be able to wear your bra in complete freedom. It is like a second skin for the breast: soft, delicate and comfortable!

The neckline on the back is wonderful, but until today, to wear it, it was necessary to give up the bra, sacrificing the neckline: from now on you can be beautiful in front and behind! Fly Bra is invisible on his back and shoulders.

The practical laces placed between the cups allow you to choose the desired effect: you can create a softer effect by adjusting the invisible bra to form a natural dimple between the breasts, or opt for the "raised breast" effect.

With the invisible bra your breast will look bigger and firmer with the invisible bra. Don't be afraid of mismeasurement: thanks to the universal size, the bra adapts to any shape and size of the chest


Fly Bra should be worn on clean skin. Before putting it in place, remove any traces of soaps, creams or body lotions. Then:

After use, apply a moisturizing cream and massage gently on your breast.

Watch how easy it is to wear in this video!

Washing Fly Bra is very easy:

Attention! Do not put your garment in the washing machine

The invisible bra has already been a huge success worldwide. Let's see some opinions and reviews from forums and facebook:

Laura writes:

I bought it to wear it at a wedding and I didn't get off my chest! It's really comfortable and the remodelling effect on the breast is surprising: I, who don't have a very large breast, have benefited so much.


It was my birthday gift for my wife Francesca. I couldn't get any better: when she saw her, her eyes shone. And when he puts his eyes on it, they shine even to me, as good as he feels!


The best purchase in 2017! I put it underneath all kinds of dress, don't notice! And it's also very comfortable, you don't even seem to have it. It was high time that they made a bra like this, congratulations to those who created it

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Fly Bra is not located in physical shops. You can purchase it directly from the manufacturer's website by following these steps:

Order now and take advantage of the discount: you'll pay the invisible bra only 39€ instead of 78€


Fly Bra

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